Professional Negligence Claims

Professional Negligence Claims

People rely on professionals to advise them in all walks of life. Whether it be solicitors advising on the sale of business, accountants advising on tax; financial advisers advising on pensions and investments or architects undertaking design and specification work.

Unfortunately professionals can make mistakes or give negligent advice causing their clients worry, inconvenience and financial loss.

If you believe you have received negligent advice from a professional or you are unhappy about the advice or service you have received, our experienced team of dispute resolution solicitors can advise you on what redress may be available to you.

Examples of claims and complaints against professionals can include:

  • Failure by a solicitor to advise you about legal problems with a house you are buying which might impact on value;
  • Pension or investment advice from a financial adviser which was too risky for your circumstances meaning you have suffered unexpected losses;
  • A surveyor who failed to identify damp, subsidence or other problems with a property which impact on value;
  • An accountant or financial adviser who recommended that you should invest in tax avoidance structures, such as film schemes and enterprise zones, which HMRC has investigated and demanded outstanding tax, interest and late payment penalties;
  • A solicitor who has made a mistake when drafting a Will with the result that a beneficiary does not receive what they should have done;
  • An architect who has specified the wrong materials in the construction of a basement with the result that the tanking has failed and there is water ingress to the property.

Our professional negligence lawyers have experience of acting in claims against all manner of professionals and defending professionals against such claims. This makes us exceptionally well placed to advise you on your claim and the best way of achieving the outcome you want.

Most claims and complaints against professionals can be resolved without ever needing to go to court. Many disputes can be resolved through negotiation or through specialist ombudsman services such as the Financial Ombudsman Service, Legal Ombudsman or Property Services Ombudsman.

We offer tailored advice to suit your objectives. Our team represent clients in Devon, Bristol, the South West and throughout the UK. We have experience of resolving disputes informally, through mediation and at trial.


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