Land and Boundary Disputes

We understand that a home is not only the largest purchase many people will make during their lifetimes, but it is also the place where they raise their family, relax away from work and enjoy their retirement.

It is for this reason that disputes with neighbours over boundaries, rights of way or restrictive covenants can be so distressing, particularly if the relationship between neighbours breaks down completely and the parties can see no way out.

Bartons’ property dispute lawyers are all experienced in dealing with disputes between neighbours involving complex legal issues, difficult personalities and unusual properties. Whatever the nature of your dispute with your neighbour, we can advise you on the best way to resolve that dispute whether that be through:

  • negotiation;
  • mediation; or if all else fails
  • a claim for and injunction or damages.

The vast majority of property and neighbour disputes can be resolved through negotiation and at a relatively low cost. By engaging a specialist solicitor to act for you, you can reduce the stress of the situation for yourself and give yourself the best chance of achieving an outcome which you are satisfied with.

Our specialist property dispute lawyers have experience of advising clients in a wide range of disputes including:

  • Disputes over breaches of restrictive covenants including development restrictions and the use of properties for holiday lets or “AirBnB”;
  • Disputes concerning easements and rights of way;
  • Court proceedings concerning boundary locations and rectification of transfer plans; and
  • Mediated settlements over parking space disputes.

We offer tailored advice to suit your objectives. Our team represent clients in Devon, Bristol, the South West and throughout the UK. We have experience of resolving disputes informally, through mediation and at trial.

If you require advice on any of these issues please contact us.


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