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Are you considering making changes to your home? … read on for what you need to contemplate to avoid difficulties at a later date.

An effective way to increase the value of your property could be to change the current layout internally or externally or add additional space.  You may be considering adding an extension, conservatory or converting the garage or attic to provide more living space or using space to work from home. The legal title to the […]

FISHING NEWS ARTICLE: Emergency byelaws: What powers do IFCAs have?

Following the news that a Cornwall IFCA emergency byelaw to exclude over-12m vivier vessels from the district has been withdrawn, solicitor and qualified fisher Jo Pummery offers an insight into the legal background It is well known that the 10 IFCAs have authority to make byelaws for the purpose of managing the exploitation of sea […]

“No Fault” Divorce

It is often said in the press that divorce enquiries spike after the festive season, with January being referred to as “divorce month”.  However, this year family lawyers believe that this may fall in April.  The long-awaited Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020, which introduces “no fault” divorce, is due to become law on 6 […]

FISHERIES ENFORCEMENT Financial Administrative Penalties

Marine lawyer, Alistair Tawse, answers some questions about the financial penalties which can be issued by fishery authorities: The MMO and the IFCAs essentially share a similar enforcement strategy, which is based around a Financial Administrative Penalty (‘FAP’) system. This article answers some questions about that system and gives a brief overview of how it […]

The Next Generation of Fishers

Getting children away from social networking sites, their phones and video games and into the outdoors is a constant battle for most parents.  It’s sad to say that with the technological advances around us, the love of the outdoors seen in past generations of children is seriously in decline. For the fishing industry, this is […]

Property Theft

People might be forgiven for thinking that it is impossible for their home or commercial property to be stolen. However, whilst still relatively uncommon, property theft by fraudsters is a genuine risk. In this article, Bartons’ Chairman, Raymond Hayes, explores how fraudsters can carry out property theft, the people who are most at risk and […]