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Yes They Will!

In what has been called the biggest shake-up to Wills in 183 years, The Ministry of Justice has stated that Wills and Codicils which have been witnessed via video conferencing platforms (such as Zoom and Skype) WILL be deemed legal. The statutory instrument enacting this change is due to be enacted in September but the […]

Rumoured Changes To Stamp Duty In 2020

Those thinking about buying or selling property will be keen to hear the the reforms to stamp duty land tax (“SDLT”) which the the Chancellor is expected to announce tomorrow on 8 July 2020. Tomorrow, the Chancellor is due to unveil the latest measures as part of the UK’s Covid-19 recovery. The temporary measures – […]

Divorce – Things can only get better!

The rise in divorce rates is sadly a common trend that is seen in times of economic turmoil.  Unfortunately, with couples currently being forced to spend unprecedented amounts of time together and with job losses and financial difficulties added to that, more couples will make the choice to separate and divorce.  For many people, lockdown […]

Business Interruption – is your business covered?

In the current crisis, many small businesses have turned to their insurance policies, to see if they can claim for business interruption (‘BI’).  They may have a shock:  either they are not covered for BI, or their insurer may say the BI cover does not apply in the Covid-19 lockdown.   BI cover usually forms […]

The Property Market Is Moving

The government has relaxed the coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions and the housing market has re-opened and buyers and sellers can once again resume their moving plans. From Wednesday, May 13 it is acceptable to leave your home to: Visit estate agent’s offices (to include letting agents and show homes); View a property with a view to buying or […]

Getting Ready To Sell During Lockdown

As Britain enters a further period of lockdown, many will be implementing a moving plan. Visits to the Rightmove are running at a high level and there is pent-up demand. At Bartons it is “business as usual.” We have put in place innovative ways to be pro-active to ensure our work continues and we achieve our […]

Can I Still Get Divorced During Lockdown?

With large amounts of people being forced inside due to  the current coronavirus pandemic many of the normal working processes are coming to a halt, however the divorce process is not one of them. Divorce Solicitors Are Still Working With the majority of the communication between solicitors and their clients being over the phone and by […]

Is a DIY Will legal?

A homemade Will is legal and valid, if it is correctly signed and witnessed. However, the safety and security of your family could hang on that “if” – it’s an awfully big risk to take! Bartons Solicitors frequently see problems with DIY Wills ranging from them being executed incorrectly (which makes the Will invalid) to […]

It’s all in the planning, right?

There is often a big hype about the need to obtain planning permission for a planned development or project, so much so that many other pre-development considerations somehow seem far less important and sometimes are little thought about. Of course planning is important, but spending time and money investing in the planning process could be […]