Accidents at Sea

Accidents at Sea

The sea can be a very dangerous environment, but thousands of people use the sea every day, for both work and leisure.

An accident on a boat can often result in a serious injury.  If the accident could have been avoided, it will be usual for the injured person (or their dependants) to seek compensation, by bringing a personal injury claim.

When claiming compensation in respect of an accident at sea, it is advisable to instruct solicitors who are specialists in marine law.  This is because there are some peculiarities when it comes to claiming for accidents at sea.

Often, different time limits will apply, which means the claim may need to be started sooner than if the accident had occurred on land.  In some cases, it may be necessary to arrest a ship, to provide security for a claim.  If the paying party is the owner of a ship or a marina, it may be able to limit the amount of compensation it is obliged to pay to the injured person.

Most claims arising from an accident at sea will need to be brought in the Admiralty Court.  This is part of the High Court of Justice, based in London, and specialises in shipping and maritime disputes.

Bartons Solicitors have a specialist marine department, based in Plymouth in Devon, with solicitors and barristers who not only have expertise in marine law but also have practical experience of the maritime environment.

No win, no fee – and no success fee

We will act on behalf of people who have been injured at sea, on a “no win no fee” basis.  We are happy to travel and can take on cases nationwide, wherever the injured person is based.

Also, we will not charge you a success fee.  Therefore, with the exception of any insurance premium, you will get to keep all of the compensation you receive.

If you have had an accident, or if you have a question about bringing a personal injury claim in respect of an accident at sea, please get in touch with us.

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