Can I Still Get Divorced During Lockdown?

With large amounts of people being forced inside due to  the current coronavirus pandemic many of the normal working processes are coming to a halt, however the divorce process is not one of them.

Divorce Solicitors Are Still Working

With the majority of the communication between solicitors and their clients being over the phone and by email there is little to no reason why you cannot productively progress your divorce in this uncertain time. The divorce process itself can be progressed by your solicitor using the court’s online divorce service, which will continue to run as there is no in person interaction necessary. Furthermore when it comes to any potential negotiations in reaching a financial settlement, this can all be done electronically whether you are liaising with your partner yourself or communicating through solicitors.

Court Hearings During Lockdown

In the event that matters between you and your spouse are not agreed and a court hearing is required, the guidance from the court is that family matters can continue to run smoothly using a remote hearing. This can be done using the technology available to the court, whether that be a video link or telephone hearing. This is the same as any other hearing, just without the potential risk of infection that a normal hearing currently poses.

Bartons Solicitors Can Still Help

In summary, the lockdown does not mean that that you are unable to begin or progress your divorce. If you want advice on your divorce during lockdown, Bartons solicitors can still provide this service for you.