Getting Ready To Sell During Lockdown

As Britain enters a further period of lockdown, many will be implementing a moving plan. Visits to the Rightmove are running at a high level and there is pent-up demand. At Bartons it is “business as usual.” We have put in place innovative ways to be pro-active to ensure our work continues and we achieve our clients’ goals.

If you are planning to move house, preparation is key. The best advice right now is to get ahead of the game and place yourself in the best position possible for when the housing market bounces back. We are here to offer expert guidance whether you are buying or selling or remortgaging or reorganising the way the property is held and how we can help you in both the local and national property markets.

Get those standard form questionnaires now and complete them, so as your lawyers we can review and check all paperwork is in order and ready once you have struck a deal. For example copies of those building regulation documents, planning permissions and warranties. If there is an issue, for example, a neighbour dispute or boundary problem we can offer bespoke guidance and assist with resolution prior to agreeing a sale. The majority of these checks and preparation require minimal time and can save a lot of bother later. In our experience the main enemy of a deal going through can be the loss of momentum especially when things are not ready or questions that a buyer’s solicitor will almost certainly raise are not anticipated and resolved. This can leave time for people to worry and potentially pull out of the transaction altogether. Spending this time at the outset of the transaction can save weeks on a conveyance and in the long term save cost, time and stress for all involved.

Each transaction is looked after by a small and experienced team readily available at the end of the telephone and we pride ourselves on providing expertise, commercial common sense, empathy and guidance in what can be an uncertain and stressful time.