Is a DIY Will legal?

A homemade Will is legal and valid, if it is correctly signed and witnessed. However, the safety and security of your family could hang on that “if” – it’s an awfully big risk to take!

Bartons Solicitors frequently see problems with DIY Wills ranging from them being executed incorrectly (which makes the Will invalid) to the person writing the Will failing to describe beneficiaries and gifts correctly (which causes them to fail).

Few people appreciate that there are statutes which automatically imply terms into Wills which can mean that that your estate may not be dealt with as you wish or, even worse, may not pass in the way you expected it to pass.  Seeking professional advice can also assist in safeguarding your estate from those you chose not to leave in your Will.

Even if you manage to avoid these pitfalls that does not mean the Will that you write will be best for you and your family. A professionally drawn up Will also raises aspects of estate planning that you may not have considered, for example ensuring that your Will is effective and tax efficient and that your assets are protected for those you love.


About the Author

Claire Thompson is a full member of The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP).

Claire specialises in all aspects of private client law including Wills, Powers of Attorney, Court of Protection matters, Estate Planning and Estate Administration.

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