Property Disputes

Our lawyers are experienced in dealing with all aspects of disputes relating to property, and work closely with our residential conveyancing lawyers to give clients a comprehensive service to achieve the best result possible.

We understand how stressful disputes can be, and we believe in taking a practical approach to reaching a successful resolution for you. We will resolve your dispute where possible using alternatives to court such as negotiation and mediation.

Where a case does need to go to court, our lawyers have the expertise to present the best possible case to the specialist property courts and tribunals.

Property Dispute Services

  • Residential landlord and tenant disputes
  • Possession and Trespass claims
  • Property damage
  • Misrepresentation in relation to sale of land
  • Building/construction disputes
  • Disputes relating to use of land including rights of way, nuisance and breach of covenant
  • Boundary disputes
  • Disputes over ownership including adverse possession
  • Boundary disputes

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